Easter Celebration – በዓል ትንሳኤ

We are pleased to announce that Keshi Tekleberhan from Columbus , Ohio will be joining us on Easter Eve to lead the Easter service . We are thankful for his time and commitment . Come join us and lets celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ together . Your punctuality is appreciated.
Time : April 30th from 8:30 pm to midnight
Location: 549 N Blount st, Raleigh, NC

ንሚያዝያ ዕለት 30 ብምኽንያት በዓል ትንሳኤ ትምህርቲ ፣ ጸሎት ከምኡዉን ምስላም መስቀል ብኣቦና ቀሺ ተኽለበርሃን ክዳለው ስለዝኾነ ምሳና ሓቢርኩም ክተምስዩ ብኽብሪ ንዕድም
ጊዜ ፡ 8:30 ናይ ምሸት ጀሚሩ ክሳብ ፍርቂ ለይቲ ( ሰዐት ከተኽብሩ ብትሕትና ንሓትት)

Parish Executive Committee